Acadia Pets recommends Kuranda Dog Beds

Acadia Goldendoodles LOVE their Kuranda beds - and they cannot destroy them! There are lots of dog beds out there and we have tried most of them -- we always come back to Kuranda Beds! Here's why we use Kuranda Beds for our puppies and our adult dogs: 1) They keep your dog's joints healthier as they develop during puppyhood and throughout their lifetime. 2) They are easy to clean AND sanitize. Dogs get into some pretty yucky stuff, and can pick up contaminants throughout their days. It gives us peace of mind to be able to get the bed looking and smelling clean, and knowing that we have been able to de-contaminate them completely. 3) Kuranda Beds don't have any stuffing which means the puppies and our real chewers don't tear them up (or EAT them!). It keeps them safe! 4) They are durable. We use them litter after litter, dog after dog, for years. These are long lasting, and definitely worth the investment. A Kuranda Bed is the last dog bed you'll ever need to buy. 5) Dogs love having a defined space all of their own. It's like a crate with no walls—it's their happy place.